Robert Swanson

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Hailed as a 'super lily', Robert Swanson with large red flame blossoms with gentle curved tipped in buttery yellow, is part of a select group of hybrids that have recently been bred by crossing oriental and trumpet lilies. The result is a plant that has inherited the best qualities of both its parents. This is a really tall lily that can reach up to 7-9 ft tall, and when well established, it can produce up to 25 flowers. The best news is that the breeding has not diminished the flowers scent, which is as heady and sweet as you would expect from a lily.
Flower Bulbs
Bulb Size                     16/18
Planting Distance         6''
Planting Depth              6''
Height                           7-9ft
Hardiness Zone            3-9
Climate Zone                3-10
Blooming Time             Jun- Aug
Fragrant                       Yes
Minimum for effect       1-3
Sun                              Partly Sun
Deer Resistance           No
Robert Swanson

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