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    Dinnerplate Dahlias

    Explore the Dinnerplate Dahlias collection - Spring Flowering bulbs

    Dinnerplate Dahlias are known for their large, show-stopping flowers that can reach up to 10 inches in diameter. They come in a range of colors, from vibrant pinks and oranges to soft pastels and elegant whites. These bulbs thrive in full sun and well-draining soil, making them the perfect addition to any garden bed or container.

    In our collection, you'll find a variety of Dinnerplate Dahlia bulbs to choose from. Whether you're looking for a specific color or want to mix and match for a stunning display, we have the perfect bulbs for you.

    Dinnerplate Dahlia Ace Summer Emotions

    Ace Summer Emotions

    $8.50  $14.20

    Dinnerplate Dahlia Ace Summer Sunset

    Ace Summer Sunset

    $8.50  $14.20

    Decorative Dinnerplate Dahlia Barbarossa


    $8.50  $14.20

    Dinnerplate Dahlia Bilbao


    $8.50  $14.20

    Bodacious - Dahlia Bulbs


    $8.50  $14.20

    Café au Lait - Dahlia Bulbs

    Café au Lait

    $7.50  $12.50

    Cambridge - Dahlia Bulbs


    $8.50  $14.20

    Contraste - Dahlia Bulbs


    $8.50  $14.20

    Creve Coeur - Dahlia Bulbs

    Creve Coeur

    $7.00  $14.20

    Emory Paul - Dahlia Bulbs

    Emory Paul

    $8.50  $14.20

    Ferncliff Illusion - Dahlia Bulbs

    Ferncliff Illusion

    $8.50  $14.20

    Fleurel - Dahlia Bulbs


    $8.50  $14.20

    Gitt's Perfection - Dahlia Bulbs

    Gitt's Perfection

    $8.50  $14.20

    Hart's Dr. McMurray - Dahlia Bulbs

    Hart's Dr. McMurray

    $8.50  $14.20

    Islander - Dahlia Bulbs


    $8.50  $14.20

    Kelvin Floodlight - Dahlia Bulbs

    Kelvin Floodlight

    $8.50  $14.20

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