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    Canna Lilies

    Explore the Cannas collection - Spring Flowering bulbs

    Welcome to our Cannas collection, where you'll find a stunning array of spring-flowering bulbs to add color and charm to your garden. Known for their exotic, tropical appearance and large, vibrant blooms, Cannas are a fantastic addition to any garden, patio, or landscape design. Browse our selection of Cannas bulbs, available in various colors, sizes, and cultivars, perfect for creating your dream garden oasis.

    When you plant Cannas bulbs, you're investing in a low-maintenance, high-impact plant that will brighten up your outdoor space for years to come.

    Australia - Canna Bulbs


    $9.95  $23.70

    City of Portland - Canna Bulbs

    City of Portland

    $8.50  $14.20

    Happy Carmen - Canna Bulbs

    Happy Carmen

    $8.50  $14.20

    Happy Cleo - Canna Bulbs

    Happy Cleo

    $8.50  $14.20

    Happy Emily - Canna Bulbs

    Happy Emily

    $8.50  $14.20

    Happy Isabel - Canna Bulbs

    Happy Isabel

    $5.60  $9.40

    Happy Julia - Canna Bulbs

    Happy Julia

    $8.50  $14.20

    Happy Wilma - Canna Bulbs

    Happy Wilma

    $8.50  $14.20

    Orange Beauty - Canna Bulbs

    Orange Beauty

    $8.40  $14.00

    Red King Humbert - Canna Bulbs

    Red King Humbert

    $8.50  $14.20

    Rosemund Coles - Canna Bulbs

    Rosemund Coles

    $8.50  $14.20

    The President - Canna Bulbs

    The President

    $8.60  $14.40

    Wyoming - Canna Bulbs


    $8.60  $14.40

    Yellow King Humbert - Canna Bulbs

    Yellow King Humbert

    $8.50  $14.20

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