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Tall Cannas

Explore the Tall Cannas collection - Spring Flowering bulbs

Welcome to our Tall Cannas collection, featuring a stunning range of spring flowering bulbs that will bring vibrant color and tropical beauty to your garden. Known for their lush foliage and impressive height, Tall Cannas are perfect for creating a dramatic focal point or providing privacy in your outdoor space. With an array of colors, patterns, and heights, our selection of Tall Canna tubers has something for every gardener.

Get ready to transform your garden into a tropical paradise with our top-quality, easy-to-grow Tall Canna tubers! Explore also our other Canna Lily collection: Dwarf Cannas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Planting Tall Canna bulbs is an easy process that even beginner gardeners can master. Start by selecting a location with well-draining soil that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight per day, as Tall Cannas thrive in full sun. To improve the soil quality, work in compost or other organic matter, ensuring proper drainage and fertility for optimal growth.

When planting, dig holes approximately 4-6 inches deep and space them about 18-24 inches apart to give the plants room to spread. Position the bulbs with the eyes facing upward, then cover them with soil and water thoroughly. For the best results, plant your Tall Canna bulbs in the spring when the soil temperature is above 60°F. By following these simple steps, you'll be on your way to enjoying a spectacular display of Tall Cannas in your garden.

Tall Canna plants exhibit impressive growth, typically reaching heights of 4 to 6 feet, although some varieties can grow up to 8 feet tall. This height, combined with their bold foliage and vibrant blooms, makes Tall Cannas an excellent choice for creating eye-catching garden displays or natural privacy screens.

The plants' towering presence adds vertical interest to your garden, drawing attention and admiration from passersby. Their tropical appearance can also help you create a lush, exotic atmosphere in your outdoor space. To achieve the most dramatic effect, consider planting Tall Cannas in groups or as a backdrop for shorter plants.

Tall Cannas are known for their prolonged blooming period, which typically extends from late spring to early fall. This means that you can enjoy their colorful, eye-catching flowers for several months, adding an attractive and dynamic element to your garden. To encourage continuous blooming throughout the season, it's essential to remove spent flowers and cut back any yellowing foliage regularly.

This practice, known as deadheading, not only maintains the plant's appearance but also prevents energy from being wasted on seed production, instead directing it toward new flower growth. By consistently tending to your Tall Cannas, you'll be rewarded with a spectacular, long-lasting display of blooms.

Tall Cannas are considered relatively low-maintenance plants, making them a popular choice for gardeners of all skill levels. They do require regular watering, particularly during periods of drought, to ensure their foliage remains lush and their growth remains healthy. Implementing a consistent watering schedule will help your Tall Cannas thrive.

Additionally, it's crucial to fertilize them with a balanced fertilizer every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season to support vigorous growth and promote abundant blooms. Lastly, to maintain the plant's appearance and encourage continuous blooming, be sure to remove spent flowers and yellowing foliage as needed. Overall, the maintenance requirements for Tall Cannas are minimal, making them an excellent choice for busy gardeners who still want a stunning, tropical display in their outdoor space.

While Tall Cannas are not considered entirely deer resistant, they tend to be less attractive to deer compared to other plants. Their bold foliage and vibrant blooms make them a valuable addition to gardens that experience deer visits. To further protect your Tall Canna plants from deer, consider implementing additional strategies such as installing deer-resistant fencing or applying deer repellents around your garden.

These measures can help deter deer from grazing on your Tall Cannas and other plants, allowing your garden to flourish without the constant threat of deer damage. Remember that deer browsing habits can vary by region, so it is essential to monitor your local deer population and adapt your protective measures accordingly.

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