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    Tall canna 'Wyoming' is a strong-growing plant that can reach 3 feet tall with large, deep, bronze-purple leaves and very large, vivid orange flowers opening from mid summer to early autumn

    Product Information
    🚚 Shipping Starts: End of March 2023
    📦 Quantity per Package: 1 Big Tuber

    ☀️ Light Required: Full Sun / Partial Shade
    🌷 Height: 36"
    🌸 Blooming Period: Aug - Sep
    🌱 Bulb Size: 2/3 eyes
    Planting Distance: 10-12"
    Planting Depth: 2"
    📍 Hardiness Zone: 7-10
    🦌 Deer Resistant: Yes
    💐 Minimum Bulbs for Effect: 2-4

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The best time to plant Canna Wyoming bulbs is in the spring, once the danger of frost has passed and soil temperatures have warmed to at least 60°F (15°C). This typically occurs between late April and early June, depending on your location.

    Planting Canna Wyoming bulbs during this period allows them ample time to establish roots, grow, and produce their vibrant blooms throughout the summer and into the early fall. In warmer climates (USDA hardiness zones 7 and up), you may be able to plant them as early as late February or early March.

    Canna Wyoming bulbs, known for their stunning orange flowers and striking foliage, are a popular choice for gardeners. To plant and grow these bulbs, follow these steps:

    • Choose a sunny location with well-draining soil.
    • Prepare the planting area by loosening the soil and adding organic matter, such as compost or aged manure.
    • Plant the bulbs 4-6 inches deep and 18-24 inches apart, with the flat side facing down.
    • Water generously after planting, and then maintain consistent moisture throughout the growing season.
    • Fertilize monthly with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer to promote healthy growth.

    Canna Wyoming plants thrive in USDA hardiness Zones 7-10, therefore they should be lifted and stored indoors during the winter in colder climates (such as USDA hardiness zones 6 and below).

    In regions with colder winters (USDA hardiness zones 6 and below), it is important to overwinter Canna Wyoming bulbs to protect them from frost damage. Once the first frost has blackened the foliage, cut the stems back to 4-6 inches above the ground. Carefully dig up the bulbs, being cautious not to damage the delicate roots.

    Shake off excess soil and allow them to dry for a day or two in a well-ventilated area. Store the bulbs in a cool, dark location with a temperature between 40-50°F (4-10°C). Place them in a breathable container, such as a cardboard box or mesh bag, and cover them with slightly damp peat moss or vermiculite to prevent them from drying out. Check periodically for rot or mold and discard affected bulbs.

    If you live in USDA hardiness zones 7 and up, it is fine to leave the cannas in the ground over winter. Just make sure to give an extra layer of mulch in colder months.

    Canna Wyoming bulbs typically take 10-12 weeks from planting to produce their first blooms, although this timeline can vary depending on growing conditions, such as sunlight, temperature, and soil quality.

    To enjoy the vibrant orange flowers and striking foliage throughout the summer and into the early fall, be sure to plant the bulbs in the spring once the danger of frost has passed and soil temperatures have warmed. Consistent watering, proper fertilization, and regular maintenance, such as deadheading spent blooms, will encourage continuous flowering and healthy growth.

    While Canna Wyoming bulbs are not considered deer-resistant, they are less likely to be a primary target for deer compared to other plants. The strong scent and coarse texture of the leaves can deter deer from browsing on them.

    However, in areas with high deer populations or limited food sources, they may still be at risk. To protect your Canna Wyoming plants from deer, consider using deer-resistant companion plants, such as lavender, catmint, or Russian sage, or installing physical barriers like fencing or deer netting around your garden.


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