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Non-Stop Begonias

Explore the Non-Stop Begonia collection - Spring Flowering bulbs

Discover our beautiful Non-Stop Begonia collection, perfect for adding a vibrant splash of color to your garden during the spring season. These stunning, low-maintenance flower bulbs bloom continuously from spring through fall, providing an eye-catching display of radiant colors and lush foliage. Easy to grow and care for, Non-Stop Begonias are an excellent choice for every gardener.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Non-Stop Begonias are a hybrid variety of tuberous begonias, known for their continuous and prolific blooms from spring until fall. These extraordinary plants produce large, showy flowers in an array of colors, such as red, pink, yellow, orange, and white. Non-Stop Begonias are ideal for creating a bright and long-lasting display in your garden, containers, or hanging baskets.

They are especially popular among gardeners who want a consistent, eye-catching floral display without the need for constant plant replacements or maintenance. Non-Stop Begonias have a well-deserved reputation for their reliable and abundant blooms, making them a valuable addition to any garden.

Planting Non-Stop Begonia bulbs is a straightforward process. Begin by selecting well-draining soil in a partially shaded area, ideally with protection from the intense afternoon sun. This is important because Non-Stop Begonias thrive in moderate sunlight and can suffer if exposed to harsh sun for extended periods.

When planting the bulbs, dig holes approximately 2 inches deep and space them 8 to 12 inches apart. Ensure that the hollow side of each bulb faces upward. After planting, water the bulbs thoroughly and maintain consistent soil moisture throughout the growing season. Proper watering is crucial for healthy growth and optimal blooming.

The ideal time to plant Non-Stop Begonia bulbs is during the spring season when the soil has warmed up and there is no longer a risk of frost. This period typically falls between late March and early May, although the specific timing will depend on your geographic location and local climate conditions.

Planting Non-Stop Begonias at the right time ensures that they have the necessary conditions to grow and establish themselves properly, resulting in healthier plants and more abundant blooms.

Caring for Non-Stop Begonias bulbs is relatively easy, making them an excellent choice for both novice and experienced gardeners. Regular watering is essential to maintain consistently moist soil, but avoid waterlogging, as it can cause the bulbs to rot. Fertilize your Non-Stop Begonias every 4-6 weeks with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer to encourage healthy growth and abundant blooms.

As the flowers fade, remove them to stimulate further blooming and keep the plants looking tidy. When the first frost arrives, carefully dig up the tubers and bring them indoors to store in a cool, dark place over the winter months. This will help preserve the bulbs for replanting in the following spring.

Non-Stop Begonias are generally not favored by deer because of their mildly toxic nature. The compounds found in begonias can cause adverse reactions in deer, making these plants less appealing as a food source. However, in cases where deer have limited food options, they may still nibble on the plants.

To protect your Non-Stop Begonias from deer, consider incorporating deer-resistant plants in your garden as a natural deterrent or use deer repellents. Physical barriers, such as fencing, can also help safeguard your begonias and other garden plants from deer.

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