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    Lancifolium Splendens

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    Product Information
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    📦 Quantity per Package: 2 Bulbs

    ☀️ Light Required: Full Sun / Partial Shade
    🌷 Height: 32"
    🌸 Blooming Period: Jun - Aug
    🌱 Bulb Size: 16/18
    Planting Distance: 10"
    Planting Depth: 6"
    📍 Hardiness Zone: Zone 3-9
    🦌 Deer Resistant: No
    💐 Minimum Bulbs for Effect: 2-4
    Lancifolium Splendens

    About Lancifolium Splendens

    Have you heard of Lily Lancifolium Splendens? It is a stunning addition to your garden! This beautiful lily is also known as the Tiger Lily and is a must-have for any garden enthusiast. 

    • Its striking orange flowers with speckles are sure to catch the eye
    • Easy to grow and care for
    • A great choice for both experienced and novice gardeners
    • Highly fragrant, perfect for attracting butterflies and bees
    • Grows on firm stems rising to a height of 48-50"
    • Flowers July - September

    How to care for Lancifolium Splendens

    • Plant in full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil for best results. 
    • Dig a hole, plant the lily bulbs with the pointy end upwards, and cover them with soil.
    • Water regularly and fertilize once a month to ensure the health and longevity of your lily. 
    • Deadhead spent blooms.
    • These lilies are also great for cutting, so you can enjoy their beauty both in the garden and in your home.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Lancifolium Splendens lilies prefer well-draining soil with good fertility and slightly acidic pH. These lilies thrive in partial shade to full sun and prefer a location with protection from strong winds. Pick a spot where they get at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight.

    Plant them in early spring or early fall, and ensure the bulbs are planted deep enough to allow for proper root growth. These lilies are hardy and can tolerate cold temperatures, making them an excellent choice for many gardens.

    To plant Lancifolium Splendens lilies:

    • First, choose a location with well-draining soil and partial to full sun.
    • Dig a hole that is about twice the width and depth of the bulb.
    • Place the bulb in the hole, pointed end up, and cover it with soil.
    • Water the bulb thoroughly after planting. Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged during the growing season.
    • After the lily has finished blooming, allow the foliage to yellow and wither before cutting it back to the ground.

    Lancifolium Splendens lilies are hardy and should come back year after year with proper care.

    Lancifolium Splendens lilies, also known as Tiger lilies, are relatively easy to transplant. They have a robust root system that can be easily dug up and transplanted into a new location. The best time to transplant these lilies is in the fall or early spring, when the plant is dormant.

    It's important to prepare the new planting location by adding compost or other organic matter to the soil to promote healthy growth. Once transplanted, the lilies will need to be watered regularly and kept in a location that receives plenty of sunlight. With proper care, Lancifolium Splendens lilies can thrive in their new location.

    Yes, Lancifolium Splendens lilies, also known as Tiger Lilies, typically come back every year. These perennial plants have a bulb that remains in the ground during winter, and then regrows in the spring. They are hardy in USDA climate zones 3-9.

    With proper care and maintenance, they can continue to bloom for several years. However, like all plants, their lifespan can vary depending on factors such as soil quality, water, and sunlight. It's important to note that while Lancifolium Splendens lilies are hardy and can tolerate a variety of growing conditions, they may not survive extreme temperatures or weather events.

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