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    When to plant Fall bulbs?

    It is best to plant them from September to December, taking into account the frost. In early March and April they rise above the ground and bring Spring to your garden!


    How deep do you need to plant them? 

    The size of the flower bulb determines how deep you need to plant. Large bulbs (2 inches and larger) you plant 6 inches deep and small bulbs (1-2 inches) 2 to 4 inches deep. For the planting distance, keep 3x the width of the bulb.

    Gently place the bulbs in the ground with the tip facing up. Do not push too hard because they will get damaged.


    Should we protect the planted bulbs?

    Yes! After planting, cover the tulip bulbs with fallen leaves, wood chips or mulch. Use a layer of mulch, leaves or wood chips from 1 to 2 inches to protect the bulbs, to prevent weeds and to retain moisture.


    What should I do after blooming is done?

    Remove the dead flower, which causes the nutrition to go back to the bulb which it needs for next year. This is especially the case for tulips, other bulbs are fine with leaving the dead flower on.

    You can dig up and store the bulbs after flowering or let them sit for 2-3 years. Tulip bulbs continue to produce flowers in the ground. The tulips will get smaller every year. Whichever way you choose, plant annuals among the withering tulips.


    Can bulbs handle frost when they are above the ground?

    Most bulbs can withstand frost just fine. Especially the usual species like tulips, snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinths and daffodils. If they are already well above the ground, they lie flat in frost. But after the frost, bulbs automatically stand upright again.

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