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    Product Information
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    📦 Quantity per Package: 2 Bulbs

    ☀️ Light Required: Full Sun / Partial Shade
    🌷 Height: 48"
    🌸 Blooming Period: Jun - Aug
    🌱 Bulb Size: 14/16
    Planting Distance: 20-24"
    Planting Depth: 6"
    📍 Hardiness Zone: Zone 3-9
    🦌 Deer Resistant: No
    💐 Minimum Bulbs for Effect: 2-4

    About Henryi

    The Lily Henryi is a stunning, vibrant flower that will add a touch of elegance to any garden. With its medium-sized, trumpet-shaped blooms and unique coloration, it's sure to be a showstopper in any outdoor space.

    • Large, trumpet-shaped blooms in shades of orange and red speckles
    • Grows up to 3 feet tall
    • Blooms in late summer to early fall
    • Unusual and rare Lily
    • Has an amazing fragrance

    How to care for Henryi

    • Simply plant the bulbs in well-drained soil in a sunny location, where they get at least 6-8 hours of sunlight.
    • They prefer to be planted in the fall, but can also be planted in the spring. 
    • Be sure to water the bulbs well after planting and keep the soil consistently moist until the plant emerges. 
    • Fertilize every two to four weeks during the growing season
    • Deadhead spent blooms

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Henryi lilies are typically planted in the fall or early spring, when the soil is cool and moist but not frozen. Planting in the fall allows the lilies to establish their roots before winter, while planting in the spring provides them with ample time to grow and develop before the hot summer months.

    It's important to note that Henryi lilies are susceptible to disease, so it's recommended to plant them in a location where other lilies haven't been planted in the past three years. Additionally, it's important to water the lilies regularly and fertilize them every two to four weeks during the growing season to promote healthy growth.

    To plant Henryi lilies in the ground, follow these steps:

    • Choose a suitable planting location with well-draining soil and partial to full sun exposure (at least 6 - 8 hours).
    • Dig a hole that is two to three times the size of the bulb and deep enough to cover the bulb with about 3 inches of soil.
    • Add some compost or well-rotted manure to the bottom of the hole for added nutrients.
    • Place the bulb in the hole, pointed end up, and cover it with soil, gently firming it down.
    • Water the soil well, but avoid saturating it.
    • Mulch the area around the lily bulb with a layer of organic material to help retain moisture and regulate temperature.

    With proper care, Henryi lilies should grow into beautiful flowering plants, adding color and beauty to any garden.

    Henryi lilies are hardy perennial plants that can survive cold winters and freezing temperatures. They can be left in the ground over winter, but it is important to provide them with some basic care to ensure their survival. They’re hardy in USDA climate zones 3-9.

    Before the first frost, cut back the foliage to about 2-3 inches above the ground and mulch around the base of the plant with a layer of organic material, such as straw or leaves, to protect the roots from freezing. In areas with particularly harsh winters, it may be advisable to cover the plants with a protective layer of burlap or frost cloth to further insulate them from the cold. With these precautions, Henryi lilies should be able to survive winter and thrive again in the spring.

    Henryi lilies are a stunning flowering plant that produces large, trumpet-shaped blooms in mid-summer. When it comes to deciding whether to plant Henryi lilies in pots or in the ground, it really depends on your specific situation and preferences.

    In general, Henryi lilies can grow well in either pots or the ground, as long as they are given the proper growing conditions. However, planting Henryi lilies in the ground can provide them with more space to grow and spread out, which can lead to larger blooms and healthier plants overall.

    On the other hand, planting Henryi lilies in pots can be a great option for those with limited space or for those who want to move the plants around to different locations as needed. Just be sure to choose a large enough pot and provide the proper soil, drainage, and fertilization to ensure that the plant thrives.

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