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    Santa Claus

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    Product Information
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    📦 Quantity per Package: 1 Big Tuber

    ☀️ Light Required: Full sun / Partial Shade
    🌷 Height: 40''
    🌸 Blooming Period: Jul - Sep
    🌱 Bulb Size: I (Top Size)
    Planting Distance: 24"
    Planting Depth: 2"
    📍 Hardiness Zone: Zone 8-10
    🦌 Deer Resistant: No
    💐 Minimum Bulbs for Effect: 1-2
    Santa Claus

    About Santa Claus

    Santa Claus is a beautiful Dahlia that captivates with its stunning blend of colors. They feature a white base adorned with deep crimson-red tips, resembling the cheerful colors of the holiday season. Known for their striking appearance, these flowers add a touch of festive charm to any garden or landscape. Dahlia Santa Claus bulbs bring a burst of festive colors to gardens, inviting admiration from all who behold their beauty. Enjoy the elegance and ease of growing these stunning flowers.

    • Striking colors: white petals with rich crimson-red tips create a captivating display.
    • Flower size: large, showy blooms ideal for bouquets and floral arrangements.
    • Blooming season: abundant flowering from late summer through fall, extending garden beauty.
    • Low maintenance: easy to grow and maintain, perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners.
    • 40’’ height
    • Dinnerplate Dahlia

    How to plant and take care of Dahlia Santa Claus

    • Planting time: wait until the last frost has passed in the spring before planting.
    • Soil and sunlight: choose a well-draining soil and a sunny location for optimal growth.
    • Planting depth: place the tubers 4-6 inches deep and space them about 12-18 inches apart.
    • Watering: water deeply once a week, ensuring the soil remains moist but not waterlogged.
    • Support and deadheading: provide support as the plant grows and remove faded flowers to encourage continuous blooming.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The number of Santa Claus Dahlia tubers to plant together largely depends on the space available and the desired visual effect. Generally, for a fuller display, planting multiple bulbs in a cluster is recommended. Planting them in groups of three to five tubers, spaced around 12-18 inches apart, can create a stunning visual impact when they bloom. Ensure adequate spacing to allow the plants to grow and flourish without crowding each other.

    Santa Claus Dahlia tubers have the potential to multiply over time. After the first season, the original bulb might produce additional smaller bulbs, known as tubers. Proper care, including adequate nutrients, proper watering, and ideal growing conditions, can encourage this multiplication. By dividing the tubers during the dormant season, usually in late autumn or early spring, you can propagate them for more plants.

    Unlike some tubers that benefit from pre-soaking to encourage swelling before planting, Santa Claus Dahlia tubers typically don't require soaking. Instead, ensure the tubers are healthy and firm before planting. Soaking might cause them to become waterlogged, potentially leading to rot. However, if the tubers seem a bit dehydrated or shriveled, a brief soak (less than an hour) in lukewarm water could help rehydrate them before planting.

    Santa Claus Dahlia tubers can thrive when planted in pots and containers. Choose a container with adequate drainage holes to prevent waterlogging. Fill the pot with well-draining, nutrient-rich soil, and plant the bulbs about 4-6 inches deep. Ensure the container receives ample sunlight and regular watering without becoming waterlogged. Additionally, larger containers can accommodate multiple tubers for a striking display. Remember to overwinter the bulbs in colder climates by storing the pots in a cool, dry place to protect them from frost.

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