Rijnveld's Early Sensation

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Bulbs per unit: 5
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As the name suggests, this variety is one of the first daffodils to emerge along with the crocus Winter Aconite and Glory of the Snow, this early riser will be adding welcome pools of cherry yellow to your groggy garden. If Mother Nature delivers a surprising cold snap, don't worry; Rijnveld's Early Sensation is as tough as it is pretty!
Flower Bulbs
Bulb Size 14/16
Planting Distance 5/6''
Planting Depth 6''
Height 14/16''
Hardiness Zone 3-9
Climate Zone 3-10
Blooming Time Early Spring
Minimum for effect 7-10
Sun Yes
Heirloom 1956
Deer Resistance Yes
Rijnveld's Early Sensation

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