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    Product Information
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    📦 Quantity per Package: 1 Bare Rooted Plant

    ☀️ Light Required: Sun
    🌷 Height: 28-30"
    🌸 Blooming Period: May - Jun
    🌱 Bulb Size: I (Top Size)
    Planting Distance: 18-24"
    Planting Depth: 1"
    📍 Hardiness Zone: Zone 3-9
    🦌 Deer Resistant: Yes

    About Flamenco

    Add a touch of fiery elegance to your garden with Oriental Poppies Flamenco. These enchanting flowers will mesmerize you with their fiery red petals and dark centers. With their bold and dramatic presence, Oriental Poppies Flamenco will be the star of your floral display.

    • Fiery red petals and contrasting dark centers
    • Bold and dramatic appearance
    • Adds vibrant color to your garden
    • Eye-catching and captivating

    How to plant and take care of Flamenco

    • Choose a sunny location with well-drained soil
    • Plant the poppy seeds in early spring or late fall
    • Sow the seeds directly into the soil, about 1/8 inch deep
    • Water lightly and keep the soil moist until germination
    • Once established, water sparingly as Oriental Poppies are drought-tolerant
    • Deadhead spent flowers to promote continuous blooming
    • Divide the plants every 2-3 years to maintain vigor
    • Protect from excessive moisture and provide support for taller varieties

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Oriental Poppy Flamenco is generally considered frost hardy. These vibrant flowers can withstand cold temperatures and survive light frosts. However, in areas with severe winter conditions, it is advisable to provide some protection. Applying a layer of mulch around the base of the plants in late fall can help insulate the roots and prevent damage. Additionally, covering the plants with a frost cloth or burlap during extreme cold spells can provide extra protection.

    When it comes to fertilizing Oriental Poppy Flamenco, a balanced fertilizer with a higher phosphorus content is recommended. Phosphorus promotes root development and flower production, which is crucial for these vibrant poppies. Look for a fertilizer with an N-P-K ratio such as 10-20-10 or 5-10-5, where the middle number represents phosphorus. Apply the fertilizer in early spring, just as new growth starts to emerge. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the application rates. Over-fertilization can lead to excessive foliage growth and fewer blooms, so it's important to use the recommended amount and avoid applying fertilizer too close to the plant's stem.

    Several factors can contribute to Oriental Poppy Flamenco not blooming. Firstly, insufficient sunlight can hinder flower production. These poppies thrive in full sun, so ensure they receive at least six hours of direct sunlight per day. Another possible reason is inadequate fertilization. Oriental Poppy Flamenco requires a balanced fertilizer with higher phosphorus content to promote flowering. Check your fertilization routine to ensure you are providing the necessary nutrients. Additionally, overcrowding can impact blooming. If the plants are tightly packed, they may compete for resources, resulting in reduced flower production. Consider thinning them out or providing enough space for each plant to grow. Lastly, early removal of foliage can prevent blooming, as the plant needs sufficient time to store energy for future blooms. Avoid cutting back the foliage until it turns yellow or brown naturally.

    Pinching Oriental Poppy Flamenco refers to the act of removing the top growth or cutting back the stems. If you choose not to pinch these poppies, the plants will still grow and bloom, but they may become leggy and produce fewer flowers. Pinching helps promote bushier growth and more abundant blooms. By pinching the stems when they reach around 12 to 18 inches in height, you encourage the plant to develop more lateral branches, resulting in a fuller appearance and an increased number of blooms. However, if you prefer a more natural or wild look, you can choose to skip the pinching process. Keep in mind that the plants may require additional support to prevent flopping over due to their tall growth.

    Deadheading Oriental Poppy Flamenco can encourage the production of more flowers. Deadheading refers to the removal of spent flowers or faded blooms. By removing these old flowers, you prevent the plant from diverting energy into seed production. Instead, it can redirect its resources towards producing new blooms. Deadheading also helps to maintain the overall aesthetic appeal of the plant and prolongs the blooming period. To deadhead Oriental Poppy Flamenco, simply cut the faded flower stems back to their base or where new lateral growth is emerging. Be sure to use clean and sharp pruners to avoid damaging the plant. Regular deadheading throughout the blooming season will promote continuous flower production and keep your Oriental Poppy Flamenco looking its best.

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