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    How to clean your garden and greenhouse?

    Tulip season is over, your dahlia's are in the ground (right?), what to do know? Well my garden friend, now is a good time to clean up your garden in and out! Check your shed and/or greenhouse and give everything a good sweep. Also don’t forget to take a good look at your gardentools if they are still workable and clean. How to clean your garden and greenhouse?

    Clean up that garden

    Firstable, make a to-do list. Without this you’ll be walking around and not know what you’re doing. Work per section and note what needs to be done in that section. By doing this you’ll have an overview on the cleaning process. The best part of to-do lists is ticking off the boxes. Start by cutting down and removing all the dead plants and flowers or divide them. Make sure the soil is still right and if you have enough nutrition or fertilizer for your plants. Also Spring is the right time to start weeding. Last but not least, check if there are gates in fences and netting so animals can’t eat your flowerbulbs.

    Don’t forget the greenhouse and shed

    For the greenhouse it is important to wash and scrub the windows, remove excessive weeds and remove dead plants. Wash and clean the windows to remove al dirt and preventing them for having pests, because they will survive in winter. Diseases and pests can hide in every corner and are difficult to exterminate. Ventilate the greenhouse well and make sure the aircirculation is optimal. For the shed it is important to remove everything so nothing stays hidden and you’ll know how much stuff you have and if you need everything. This way it is also easier to see how much space you have. Clean up your shed and remove all webs and dirt. Now you are ready to place your stuff back in the shed. Also check your gardentools if they are still workable. If you take care of them well, you’ll enjoy them longer and in the end it saves you money.

    It can be a lot of work but if you do a Spring clean-up you’ll have a gorgeous garden in Summer!

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