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    How to control weeds in your garden?

    Weeds are unwanted plants in your garden, which pop up everywhere you don’t want them to have. Sometimes they take over your other precious plants. They are very dominant competitors and are not letting them push aside. Weeds can be invasive because they spread out quickly and are hard to get rid of. Luckily there are some tricks and techniques to destroy the weeds in your garden.

    Old-fashioned technique

    Weeds are capable of growing anywhere they want to, even in the tiniest places and poorest conditions. You can easily pull them out of the groud by yourself with the hand, but this is not very comfortable especially when you have a big garden. The best time is when the ground is dry and hard. Do this now, because the roots are at this time very shallow. Remember that you’re only pulling the weeds at the surface, not the roots and rhizomes undergrounds. Or use a good trimmer to help you reach all of the weeds. Trying to remove all of the roots can be very hard. Prevention is beter than fighting the weeds, so try to maintain the weeds. As soon as you see them growing longer, you have to take action so the roots have no chance to grow or expand.

    Destroying weeds the hard way

    People often tend to use chemicals, because they are more aggresive than the organic ones. This can be harmful for the whole environment, surroundings and your pets. Or when harvesting your own vegetables it can be even dangerous for yourself. So make sure you use the organic ones. Placing wood chips or bark a few inches deep in the ground around your gardening bed can also be helpful. Or cover the weed with mulch so they won’t grow further or spread out.

    Destroying all the weed in your garden can take a few years, hold on and you’ll have success and win the battle.     

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