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    Daylilies planting instructions

    📅  When to plant your Daylily bulbs

    The best time to plant your Daylily bulbs is in early spring or early fall. Planting in early spring allows the bulbs to establish themselves before the hot summer months, while planting in early fall gives them enough time to develop strong roots before winter.

    Daylilies are very hardy (they’re hardy in USDA climate zones 3-10), so as soon as the ground is workable, you can plant Daylily bulbs.

    📦  Storing your Daylily bulbs

    If you’re not able to plant your Daylily bulbs immediately after receiving them, store your Daylily bulbs in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. A temperature of around 50-60°F (10-15°C) is ideal. Keep them in the breathable packaging they arrived in to prevent mold and rot.

    🌿  Preparing your garden

    Daylilies thrive in well-drained soil with a slightly acidic pH of 6.0-6.5. Choose a location that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. If you haven't already, prepare the soil by loosening it to a depth of 12-15 inches and mixing in some organic matter or compost to improve drainage and fertility.

    🌱  Planting your Daylily bulbs

    • Dig a hole of approximately 1 to 1.5 times their height and place the bulb with the roots facing downward. 
    • Space the bulbs about 18-24 inches apart to allow for growth. 
    • Gently backfill the hole with soil, ensuring that the bulb is completely covered. 
    • Water thoroughly after planting.

    💧   Watering & caring tips

    Water your Daylilies regularly, keeping the soil evenly moist but not waterlogged. During the first few weeks after planting, water them 2-3 times a week. Once established, you can reduce watering to once a week. 

    🌸  How to keep your Daylilies blooming?

    • Applying a layer of mulch around the plants will help retain moisture and regulate soil temperature. 
    • Fertilize with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer in the spring and again in midsummer to encourage healthy growth and beautiful blooms.
    • After Daylilies have bloomed, cut back the flower stalks to the base of the plant.
    • In late fall, trim the foliage down to about 6 inches above the ground. 
    • Apply a layer of mulch around the plants to protect them during winter and provide essential nutrients for the next growing season.

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