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Product Information
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📦 Quantity per Package: 1 Big Tuber

☀️ Light Required: Full Sun / Partial Shade
🌷 Height: 32-36"
🌸 Blooming Period: Jul - Sep
🌱 Bulb Size: I (Top Size)
Planting Distance: 24"
Planting Depth: 2"
📍 Hardiness Zone: Zone 8-10
🦌 Deer Resistant: No
💐 Minimum Bulbs for Effect: 2-3

About Uchuu

Ready to make your garden (more) stunning? Look no further than Dahlia Uchuu! With amazing blooms and an easy-care nature, this is a great addition to your garden. The large, showy blooms come in a range of colors, from deep reds to burgundy.

  • Showy blooms in a variety of colors
  • Strong, sturdy stems
  • Grows up to a height of 32-34"
  • Easy to care for and drought-tolerant
  • Perfect for flower beds and containers
  • Is a fantastic re-bloomer

How to care for Uchuu

  • Plant in well-drained soil and in a location that receives full sun. 
  • The tubers should be planted about 4-5 inches deep and spaced about 18 inches apart. Keep the soil consistently moist until the plants have established. 
  • Once the plants are established, they will need regular watering and fertilization. 
  • Deadhead the flowers to encourage more blooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

To plant Uchuu dahlias, choose a well-draining area with full sun. Dig a hole about 4-5 inches deep and place the tuber with the eye facing up and cover it with soil. Water the tuber deeply and add a layer of mulch around the plant to retain moisture.

Water regularly, keeping the soil moist but not waterlogged. Dahlias don’t like wet feet, because they will rot. Pinch off any lateral buds to encourage bigger blooms, and stake the plants if they grow taller than 2 feet. Uchuu dahlias typically bloom in mid to late summer and require regular deadheading to encourage continuous flowering.

The Uchuu dahlia is a type of dahlia flower that typically starts to sprout in the spring, as the weather starts to warm up and the last signs of frost are gone. In most regions, this will be around May or June. It does take about 2-3 weeks for them to sprout. In general, it takes about 60-90 days for Uchuu dahlias to bloom from the time they are planted.

However, this can vary based on the specific variety of dahlia and the growing conditions. The exact timing can vary depending on factors such as the local climate and soil conditions. To encourage healthy sprouting, it's important to plant Uchuu dahlia bulbs in well-draining soil that receives plenty of sunlight. It's also important to water the bulbs regularly during the growing season and to protect them from frost and other extreme weather conditions.

Uchuu dahlias benefit from a balanced fertilizer that provides essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. A good fertilizer for Uchuu dahlias should have a higher phosphorus content to promote root and flower growth. A ratio of 5-10-10 or 10-20-20 is ideal.

However, it is also essential to consider the soil pH as dahlias prefer slightly acidic soil with a pH range of 6.0 to 7.0. Before applying any fertilizer, it is crucial to test the soil to determine its nutrient content and adjust the fertilizer accordingly. Additionally, it is recommended to apply fertilizer every 2-4 weeks during the growing season.

It depends on your location and climate. If you live in an area with mild winters, such as USDA climate zone 8 or higher, where the ground doesn't freeze, you can leave the dahlias in the ground after they finish blooming. In this case, it's a good idea to cut back the stems to about 6 inches above the soil line to help protect them from winter weather.

However, if you live in an area with cold winters, where the ground freezes, you'll need to dig up your dahlias after they finish blooming. This is because freezing temperatures can damage or kill the tubers, which are the underground storage structures that the dahlias grow from. After digging them up, you can store them in a cool, dry place until it's time to plant them again in the spring.

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