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Red Majorette

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Product Information
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📦 Quantity per Package: 1 Big Tuber

☀️ Light Required: Full Sun / Partial Shade
🌷 Height: 32-36"
🌸 Blooming Period: Jul - Sep
🌱 Bulb Size: I (Top Size)
Planting Distance: 18"
Planting Depth: 2"
📍 Hardiness Zone: Zone 8-10
🦌 Deer Resistant: No
💐 Minimum Bulbs for Effect: 2-3
Red Majorette

About Red Majorette

Dahlia Red Majorette is a stunning and vibrant addition to any garden. This beautiful flower boasts large, deep red blooms that are sure to make a statement in any landscape. With its bold color and long-lasting blooms, the Red Majorette is a must-have for any gardener looking to add a touch of drama to their garden.

  • Large, deep red blooms that are sure to make a statement
  • Bold color and long-lasting blooms
  • Easy to grow and maintain
  • Perfect for adding drama to any garden
  • Has reliable, sturdy stems
  • Bring enchanting color to your outdoor space with this Dahlia
  • This beautiful flower brings a deep red hue to your garden
  • Enjoy long-lasting blooms that attract butterflies and create an attractive display

How to care for Red Majorette

  • Plant the tuber in well-drained soil in a sunny spot in your garden. 
  • Water regularly, but do not drown them. 
  • Fertilize every few weeks to promote healthy growth. 
  • Deadhead spent blooms to encourage reblooming.

Frequently Asked Questions

To plant Red Majorette dahlias, follow these simple steps:

• Choose a location with full sun exposure and well-draining soil.
• Dig a hole that is about 4-5 inches deep and wide enough to accommodate the dahlia tuber.
• Mix some compost or well-rotted manure into the soil at the bottom of the hole.
• Place the dahlia tuber in the hole with the "eyes" or growing points facing upwards.
• Cover the tuber with soil, leaving about 2 inches of space between the soil surface and the top of the tuber.
• Water the tuber thoroughly after planting, and then keep the soil moist but not waterlogged during the growing season.
• As the plant grows, provide support using stakes or a trellis, and deadhead spent flowers to encourage more blooms.

Enjoy your Red Majorette dahlias!

It is not per se necessary to soak Red Majorette before planting, but it does have a few advantages. Soaking can be especially beneficial if the tubers have been in storage for a long time, as they may have dried out and become less viable.

Soaking the tubers overnight in lukewarm water can help to rehydrate them and encourage the growth of new roots. Soaking can also help to soften the outer layer of the tuber, making it easier for shoots to emerge. Overall, soaking Red Majorette dahlias before planting can increase the chances of a successful and healthy growth of the plant.

Red Majorette dahlias are typically planted in the spring when the soil has warmed up and there is no longer a risk of frost. In most areas, this is between the end of April and the end of May.

However, the exact planting time can vary depending on your location and local weather conditions. It's important to wait until the soil is at least 60°F before planting dahlias to ensure they have the best chance of growing and thriving.

In areas with warmer climates, such as UDSA zones 8 or higher, it is perfectly fine to plant Red Majorette dahlias earlier in the season. You can even leave them year-round in the ground, as long as you protect them from the harshest conditions with a layer of extra mulch.

Red Majorette dahlias are not winter-hardy and cannot survive freezing temperatures. Leaving them in the ground over winter would likely result in the plants dying.

It is recommended to dig up the dahlias after the first frost, cut off the stems to about 6 inches, and gently brush off any excess soil. Store the tubers in a cool, dry place (around 40-50°F) for the winter, and replant them in the spring after the danger of frost has passed.

In warmer regions with mild winters, such as in USDA climates zone 8 or higher, it is possible to leave them in the ground over winter. Don’t forget to layer them with some extra mulch during the winter.

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