Floris Hekker

Floris Hekker

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Amaryllis Floris Hekker is a very colorful variety that will bear deep orange-red blooms. Excellent quality 34/+cm bulbs.

Indoor flowering in winter/early spring. Pot in a good quality loam or compost and ensure the compost is well positioned around the roots of the bulb. Only half cover the bulb with the compost and store in an area with plenty of access to heat. With sufficient heat, the growth of these bulbs can begin any time in the winter. Soak bulbs in lukewarm water for at least 18 hours to activate the roots. Your amaryllis should be blooming within 6-8 weeks.

Flower Bulbs
Bulb Size 34/+
Planting Distance Indoor
Planting Depth 1/3 above soil level
Height 4/8''
Hardiness Zone 8-9
Climate Zone
Blooming Time Indoor, in 6-8 weeks
Minimum for effect 1
Sun Yes
Deer Resistance Yes

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