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    What to do with Tulips after blooming time?

    With the summer coming closer and the temperatures going up, the Tulips in our gardens are unfortunately fading. But what to do with Tulips after blooming time?


    Annuals or Perennials?

    Despite the fact that Tulips can bloom multiple times, some people tend to buy fresh new flower bulbs every year. How fun is it to buy new bulbs every year so you can chose various bulbs and have a different garden every year? If you decide that one year is enough, then enjoy the flowers while they last. Wait till they are fully grown out and not giving any sign of life anymore. Pull them gently out of the ground, don’t just rip them out. But make sure you pull out everything including the bulb itself and the roots. Or use a garden fork to lift them out.


    Taking care after life

    You can also choose to leave them in the ground. After your Tulips bloom, "dead head" the flowers as soon as they have faded, leaving the foliage and stems to die back naturally. Allow the foliage to become yellow and let them die back into the bulb before you do anything with it. This way the energy goes back to the bulbs. We know these fading and dull foliage can be an ugly sight, but eventually it will be better for the bulb next year. When the foliage has completely naturally died, you can remove it. Bulbs are best left to regenerate in the ground!


    Replacing your bulbs

    If you think your bulbs are in the wrong place, then it is best to transplant them. Find a spot where they have more sun/shade or whatever they need. If you're unsure about the spot for your bulbs, plant them in a pot or container. This way they can easily be transported. But replacing your bulbs because you think this is the best thing to do, doesn't improve the quality of your bulbs. On the contrary, if you leave your bulbs in the ground it will increase in size the next season after.
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