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Reliably putting on a dazzling show in the garden with their vividly coloured, funnel-shaped flowers, crocosmia Masonorum make fine additions to mixed or herbaceous borders, as well as more naturalised planting schemes, where they associate well with other late-flowering perennials and ornamental grasses. The corms should be planted 8 - 10cm deep in a sunny spot, where the soil is reasonable rich and reliably moist, but not waterlogged in summer. They will also grow in lightly shaded positions, however they tend not flower as profusely.
Flower Bulbs
Bulb Size 10/+
Planting Distance 6''
Planting Depth 2''
Height 24''
Hardiness Zone 5-10
Climate Zone 3-10
Blooming Time Jul-Sep
Minimum for effect 15
Sun Sun
Deer Resistance Yes

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